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(no subject) [Oct. 19th, 2005|07:14 pm]
Yes, I still exist. Living in West Hollywood now...find me on myspace, I live there now.

But as long as you're reading this:

Free Nintendo DS
Free Premium IPOD

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TheFutureEmbrace [Jun. 17th, 2005|10:51 am]
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(no subject) [Jan. 18th, 2005|02:02 pm]
astral ring

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But if there was a sequel, would you love me as an equal? [Jan. 9th, 2005|12:06 pm]
I can't believe it's been so long. I guess time just tells you when you've grown out of, or past something. Apparently my life just isn't as melodramatic as it once was. Thank God for small favors I guess.

That's not to say I don't miss vomiting my troubles into Livejournal all the time. All the hours spent perusing my friends page, reading about everyones life, avoiding my own. I guess things just fall out of synch, becoming not so important when you no longer need them.

I decided to update though, I guess to prove to myself that the girl who once lived here is still around in one way or another. I should really find a way to archive all my entries, because some really are quite good. I can no longer write in the cryptic, blatantly raw way that I used to...it's too bad really. Life is jading me, I assume.

Anyway, I've got a good 6 hours of work ahead of me...a website that has been long put off and really needs to get published before I get fired. As I've mentioned many times before, I'll drop my head in on occassion. Certain things DO require virtual preservation. =)
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Welcome to the Beach [Aug. 20th, 2004|11:16 am]
We're finally out. Jason and I moved to Goleta last weekend. Beach, tourism, cool weather year round. I'll post pics of our place as soon as we get back up there Sunday or Monday. It's a simple little one bedroom, but we have laminate in the front room and that makes it look nicer than it is. =)
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I got a kitty! [Jul. 18th, 2004|11:52 pm]
So going to the office pays off every once in awhile. Jason and I found a kitten under the wood at work on Friday. Apparently she's been there for 3 days...much too young to be outside already, imo. Being that she was meowing like crazy and looked a bit emaciated, I decided we were taking her home. My initial plans were to take her to a shelter, but I couldn't do that knowing how overpopulated they are. She was too well-behaved for that anyway. The pics are a bit bad, I was hesitant to use the flash so I only snapped one with it on.

We named her Luna. Ironically the day we found her was the night we had 16 people over at my house for sushi (a huge unorganized mess, might I add). I believe britt finally suggested that name and Jason and I actually agreed it fit her. Little does he know Luna is a pumpkins song...haven't quite told him yet. ;-)

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Memories of the Internet [Jun. 29th, 2004|01:40 am]
- i remember when you could search for song lyrics and not have to go 6 pages deep into google to avoid the ad-ridden corporate owned lyrics sites.

- i remember when a pop-up only came in the form of instant messages.

- i remember when geocities, tripod, fortunecity, xoom, and angelfire were GREAT web hosts with seemingly no bandwidth limit.

- i remember when webrings were status symbols and linkexchange was the only way to get hits.

- i remember napster's launch, napster's fall and the emergence of limewire, morpheus, winmx, and bearshare.

- i remember "a/s/l?" and "hawt blond haired blu eyed 14 y/o surfer, cali...wanna cyber?"

- i remember waiting for the AOL channels page to open in extreme anticipation. watching the images load section by section in my 56k modem world.

- i remember wondering who the friends of bill w. were and why he had so many. it was such a popular chat room.

- i remember swearing by yahoo's search engine and resisting google like senior citizens resist cable television.

- i remember thinking that maybe, just maybe, my computer would think that the printer was a modem and i could log onto AOL without a connection.

- i remember the days when my email box would remain empty for days on end...and i was actually sad about it (if i only knew...)

- i remember when getting an AOL disc to install the program actually involved CALLING the company to request one, and at the most they offered 10 free hours. speaking of which, if anyone needs the software, i have about 50000 hours worth of online time...and that's only 3 discs.

- i remember when netzero was free dialup.

- i remember when slingo was the most high-tech online game i had access to.

I'm spent on those, add your own! And please, I know I'm witty and hilarious, but if you're going to steal my little list here, at least link back to me, k? =)
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FF Screenies to show my dorkiness [Jun. 26th, 2004|01:18 pm]
Well apparently the screenshot folder deletes after a certain amount of time, so I needed to backup my screenshots (already lost some old ones). So I stuck them up here to show my nerdiness and for your viewing pleasure. =)

This was Jason and my first farming experience. For newbs we thought we had a lot of mobs crowded around us. I'm keeping this for comedic purposes

I was harvesting in Giddeus and happened to wander too close to the lake and fell in. I guess there was a mapping error where the edge gave out. Either way, I couldn't get back up and was completely submerged. Had to call a GM to get me out of there and he almost didn't, saying the "water was nice."

Jason was looking for fiend's blood in Pashow Marshlands when, for the third time, he used magic around an elemental (ok could i sound ANY nerdier?). Regardless, it killed him and I went to go raise since I was on my way anyway. Saved this as blackmail. =)

Was out looking for my ruby to unlock Summoner adv. job when this Snipper decided it would be nice to sit on my head.

This is my mule. Actually I got rid of him to create another char in Windhurst. I'm so witty.

Floating flower in Konstchat Highlands...it seems to show up every once in awhile, we can't figure out why.

And finally these two little taru were on auto-follow just walking behind the NPC...I don't know why I found it funny but I tried to resist the urge to tack on and make it a 4-person train

Oh and this...didn't know Masterchief left Halo to become a dragoon.
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you know it's time to move out when [Jun. 26th, 2004|01:08 pm]
when your little brother has his sound turned up soo loud on his computer that you can hear his AIM noises across the hall....

raspberryswirll: OH MY GOD TURN IT DOWN
raspberryswirll: all i hear is ding
raspberryswirll: ding
raspberryswirll: ding
raspberryswirll: ding
raspberryswirll: ding
raspberryswirll: dingggggggggg
Hunding73: stfu
raspberryswirll: and share those folders
raspberryswirll: ding
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the sun sets farther each day [Jun. 22nd, 2004|02:23 am]
I think Jason and I found a place in Santa Barbara. We got applications so now we just need to get them filled out and faxed back in. It's 1165 for a 1 BR/1 BA, but the complex itself is nice. In comparison to our other motel-looking option, I think it's the better way to go.

They allow cats but probably not parrots (the paper says birds, but managers never mean large ones...), so I still need to figure out what to do with Kylie. Hopefully everything will get settled and organized and we'll be out of here in a month. =)

It's so weird finally moving out. It's as though I'm already gone. I feel like at this point I'm just wrapping things up and waiting. My promotion never went through at Starbucks, so I finally put in my two weeks so that I could concentrate on moving.

My other job has become more lucrative than I thought it would. I'm setting up a shopping cart for him online, and he mentioned commission when we spoke about it. No numbers came up, but based on the current quote requests, even a 2-3% would give me a decent amount of money. Not enough to not have a co-signer on the place, but enough to buy food every week.

So that's the short update on me, I know I have disappeared. I've been preoccupied with Final Fantasy Online which encompasses almost all the spare time I have. How is everyone else doing?
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